Significant upper airway angioedema is a potentially life-threatening condition capable of causing asphyxia. Management include maintenance or airway patency. In recalcitrant cases, icatibant (PMID 22936825, 22944544), C1-inhibitor concentrate (22944544) or fresh-frozen plasma (PMID 24096073) are proposed (PMID 18206518). A report in an abstract form by Ferastraoaru et al entitled "The association between severe manifestations of oral allergy syndrome and concurrent angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitor  therapy" at the 2013 ACAAI Meeting indicates that patients on this class of medications may develop unusually severe oral allergy syndrome with mouth or throat swelling. At times, ACEI-associated angioedema involves the intestine, causing cramping, an acute abdominal pain with or without systemic hypotension (PMID: 11773949)

Last update : 20/11/2013