Risk increased in smokers and in patients with renal failure or in solid organ transplant recipients. Can be fatal. Icatibant is a significant addition to the treatment of angioedema with UAO impacting airway patency (PMID 24096073, 25328718, 25635988, 25944565. Significant upper airway angioedema is a potentially life-threatening condition capable of causing asphyxia. Management include maintenance or airway patency. In recalcitrant cases, in addition to icatibant (PMID 22936825, 22944544, 25646708), C1-inhibitor concentrate (22944544) or fresh-frozen plasma (FFP) (PMID 15191027, 24096073) are indicated (PMID 18206518). A report indicates that patients on this class of medications may develop unusually severe oral allergy syndrome with mouth or throat swelling (PMID: 25727650). ACEI-associated angioedema may also involve the genitalia or intestines, causing cramping, diarrhea or an acute abdomen with or without systemic hypotension (PMID 11773949)

Last update : 12/05/2015