Pneumotox. A time-saver made easy

You can access Pneumotox from your Iphone, Ipad, laptop, computer, smartphone or android tablet (Though no specific version for tablets has been developed yet)

You may browse search and access Pneumotox by drug names, and or by patterns-subpatterns of involvement. A click on drug names is going to give you patterns and vice versa. You may also search in the right upper window ('magnifying glass' symbol) for drugs, patterns or authors from a 18,000-plus reference list. For each drug, each pattern has at least one clickable reference (blue font, right lower panel). Clicking on it will drive you to Pubmed, where additional related citations and .pdf can also be found. The meaning of digits in stars and the list of patterns are clickable (right middle). This iis where the news also appear. PMID stands for PubMed ID, a set of digits specific to each paper

A closer to the bedside App version of Pneumotox for Iphone/Ipad is also downloadable for free. Feel free to contact us. Ph Camus