CO is a byproduct of tobacco and narghile smoke, and is a common poisonous gas. CO originates from incomplete combustion of carbon-containing fuels. Affinity of CO for hemoglobin (Hb) is about 200-fold that of dioxygen (O2). No cyanosis present in toxic patients as HbCO is bright red in color. Multivawe Tc measurement or spectrometry are necessary to objectively measure HbCO, since Pa02 and SpO2 are normal. HbCO values up to 20% or more can be observed in active smokers, especially of narghile users. High HbCO figures should lead to examination of heating systems or exposure to gasoline in the home or occupational environment even in smokers. See PMID 9828249, 12362005, 19297574, 21896525, 22201610, 23087025

Last update : 17/07/2016