Pulmonary/systemic vasculitis/polyangiitis (ANCA-positive)

Drug-induced ANCA-associated or related systemic disease (formerly known as Wegener's) may manifest with vasculitis in almost any organ, arthritis, skin, kidney, lung (usually in the form of DAH) or other end-organ involvement mimicking idiopathic ANCA-related granulomatosis and polyangiitis (Wegener) or PAN. ANCA titers can be very high and multispecific, decreasing upon drug discontinuance paralleling clinical improvement. Treatment approach in severe cases is similar to primary ANCA disease. See under IIId, VId, Xm and at PMID 21674413. ANCA specificity for cocaine and levamisole at PMID 21654271. Early cases at a time ANCA were not described may be found under Xm. Reviews at PMID 19335842, 24485158

Last update : 23/11/2017

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