See also under XIVa. Known since the 1940s (PMID 18883450). Comprehensive list of causal drugs and chemicals available at PMID 1564446. Methemoglobin is the oxidized (Fe3+) species of hemoglobin (Fe2+). Patients present with slate-grey cyanosis, low SpO2, normal SaO2 and PaO2. Normally, methemoglobin is <1%. Levels above 40% can be life-threatening, producing pulmonary edema, cardiovascular collapse (PMID 17122537) CNS disturbances and death. Management includes i.v. methylene blue. A possible rebound increase in MeHb upon treatment requires close monitoring. Excess methylene blue can also produce methemoglobinemia

Last update : 16/10/2014

Causative drugs