BAL: Free exogenous lipids in supernatant

Last update : 01/01/1970

Causative drugs


Paraffin - Vaseline - Oil - Lipids (Mineral or other). P.o./aspirated

I.b I - Interstitial/parenchymal lung disease
I.b - Pneumonitis (ILD)
I.g I - Interstitial/parenchymal lung disease
I.g - Pulmonary fibrosis (Not otherwise specified)
I.j I - Interstitial/parenchymal lung disease
I.j - Lipoid pneumonia, exogenous
I.k I - Interstitial/parenchymal lung disease
I.k - Lung nodule or nodules
I.s I - Interstitial/parenchymal lung disease
I.s - A mass or masses
I.z I - Interstitial/parenchymal lung disease
I.z - Areas of consolidation
I.ap I - Interstitial/parenchymal lung disease
I.ap - Paraffinoma - Lipidoma (ELP in the form of a nodule or mass)
II.b II - Pulmonary edema - Acute lung injury - ARDS
II.b - ARDS - Acute lung injury
III.c III - Pulmonary/alveolar hemorrhage
III.c - Hemoptysis
IV.w IV - Airway involvement
IV.w - Plugs/casts in the airways
X.e X - Systemic/Distant conditions, syndromes and reactions
X.e - Autoimmunity - Autoimmune conditions (+ANA, +anti-ds-DNA, +ANCAs, other auto-Abs)
XIII.a XIII - Neoplastic conditions
XIII.a - Lung cancer
XV.e XV - Pathology
XV.e - Path: ILD with a granulomatous component (see also Im)
XV.h XV - Pathology
XV.h - Path: NSIP-fibrotic pattern
XV.p XV - Pathology
XV.p - Path: Exogenous lipoid pneumonia
XV.q XV - Pathology
XV.q - Path: Foreign body deposits/granulomatous reaction
XVI.a XVI - Imaging
XVI.a - Imaging: Diffuse haze
XVI.f XVI - Imaging
XVI.f - Imaging: Bibasilar opacities/shadowing
XVI.i XVI - Imaging
XVI.i - Imaging: An area or areas of involvement with a recognizable anatomic distribution
XVI.k XVI - Imaging
XVI.k - Imaging: An area or areas of consolidation
XVI.n XVI - Imaging
XVI.n - Imaging: Intralobular septal thickening - Crazy paving
XVI.r XVI - Imaging
XVI.r - Imaging: An area or areas of involvement with low attenuation numbers
XVI.w XVI - Imaging
XVI.w - Imaging: Lung nodule or nodules
XVI.z XVI - Imaging
XVI.z - Imaging: A large nodule or a mass
XVI.ab XVI - Imaging
XVI.ab - Imaging: Cavitating lung nodule, mass or nodules (see also Iq, XIs, XIIi, XVIaa and XVIIp)
XVI.az XVI - Imaging
XVI.az - Imaging: Solitary pulmonary nodule
XVII.h XVII - Infections & related conditions
XVII.h - Nontuberculous pulmonary mycobacterial infection/superinfection
XVIII.r XVIII - Distinctive patterns - 'Eye-catchers'
XVIII.r - Eye catcher: A milky, cloudy or lumpy BAL fluid
XIX.h XIX - Cytological, biochemical features of/in BAL, pleural fluid or FNA
XIX.h - BAL: Exogenous (oil red O-stainable) lipids in BAL macrophages
XIX.j XIX - Cytological, biochemical features of/in BAL, pleural fluid or FNA
XIX.j - BAL: Free exogenous lipids in supernatant
XXIV.f XXIV - Veterinary medicine
XXIV.f - Veterinary: Exogenous lipoid pneumonia