Recent reviews at PMID 23269350 and 23298805. Levamisole is an anti-helminthic veterinary dewormer. The drug now appears to be present in most seized cocaine samples (PMID 25544694) (see also under 'cocaine'). Levamisole may cause profound agranulocytosis and consequent infection. Unexplained agranulocytosis in the young should raise the suspicion of exposure to levamisole-tainted cocaine. Levamisole is also notable for inducing a distinctice cutaneous vasculitis (w/wo ANCA) which, in typical cases, has a predilection to localize in the earlobes, nose and face. See under 'systemic vasculitis' and 'ANCA-related vasculitis' IV and X. Levamisole is biotransformed into the amphetamine aminorex, a drug which causes PHTn. Although no PHT case has been reported yet (Oct, 2013), vigilance is indicated. See also under aminorex and PMID 19298880. The drug can also induce mutifocal leukoencephalopathy (PMID 16862045)

Last update : 26/01/2016