Under construction. Inhaled gases include gaseous therapeutics (helium/heliox, CO, NO, dioxygen (O2), H2S) higher, toxic concentration of noxious gases (NO2, Cl2, H2S), methane (CH4) and poisonous gases (e.g. cyanide, H2S, CO, NH3). Consider also inhaled fumes, vapors, aerosols, fire extinguisher powder, white smoke (MPID 29991044), and anesthetic gaseous agents. Suggested reading at PMID 24275172, 30189064, 30608256

Last update : 06/01/2019
I - Interstitial/parenchymal lung disease
II - Pulmonary edema - Acute lung injury - ARDS
IV - Airway involvement
VII - Mediastinal involvement
VIII - Central, upper, large airway, pharyngeal involvement
IX - Neuromuscular / CNS involvement - Disordered breathing during sleep
XI - Miscellaneous
XII - Cardiovascular involvement / toxicity
XIV - Hemoglobinopathies - Abnormal hemoglobin states (acquired)