Including food and dietary supplements, herbals available on e-shops on the Internet, plants (e.g. aconite-nape, Atropa, scopolamine). Browsing the literature indicates nonpulmonary (neurotoxic, hepatic, cardiac, metabolic, genitourinary) adverse effects as well as possible pharmacokinetic/metabolic interactions with therapeutic drugs. Death can occur following exposure. See PMID 9528737, 21896525, 21972388, 22045882. Caution needed about herbals used to treat asthma or obesity, as these may contain steroids or amphetamines respectively (PMID 2323261; Patients should be prudent with herbal 'sexual enhancers', as these may contain undeclared active drugs (PMID 22365331, 25459948). Quality of publications regarding ILD, assessment and attribution of causality is 'wide-ranging'

Last update : 07/06/2019
I - Interstitial/parenchymal lung disease
II - Pulmonary edema - Acute lung injury - ARDS
III - Pulmonary/alveolar./airway hemorrhage/bleeding
IV - Airway involvement
V - Pleural and/or pericardial involvement
VI - Pulmonary vasculopathies
VIII - Central-large-upper airway (incl. pharyngeal-nasal) involvement
IX - Neuromuscular / CNS involvement - Disordered breathing during sleep
X - Systemic/Distant conditions, syndromes and reactions
XI - Miscellaneous
XII - Cardiovascular involvement / toxicity
XV - Pathology
XIX - Cytological, biochemical features of/in BAL, pleural fluid or FNA
XXIV - Veterinary medicine