M. bovis (BCG) infection (topical - systemic)

May develop in the vicinity of the injection site (skin, urinary bladder). Can be localized in one organ or be diffuse, pulmonary and/or extrapulmonary

Last update : 01/12/2015

Causative drugs


BCG therapy (topical, via bladder instillations)

I.a I - Interstitial/parenchymal lung disease
I.a - Pneumonitis (ILD), acute, severe (see also under ARDS)
I.b I - Interstitial/parenchymal lung disease
I.b - Pneumonitis (ILD)
I.c I - Interstitial/parenchymal lung disease
I.c - Eosinophilic pneumonia (pulmonary infiltrates and eosinophilia)
I.l I - Interstitial/parenchymal lung disease
I.l - Diffuse alveolar damage (DAD) (see alsoo under IIb and XVf)
I.m I - Interstitial/parenchymal lung disease
I.m - ILD with a granulomatous component
II.b II - Pulmonary edema - ARDS - Acute respiratory failure
IV.d IV - Airway involvement
IV.d - Cough (lone)
V.a V - Pleural and/or pericardial involvement
V.a - Pleural effusion
VII.a VII - Mediastinal involvement
VII.a - Lymphadenopathy (intrathoracic)
VII.e VII - Mediastinal involvement
VII.e - Granulomatous mediastinal lymphadenopathy
VIII.c VIII - Upper, central, large airway involvement
VIII.c - Upper airway obstruction other than angioedema or hematoma
IX.r IX - Neuromuscular / CNS involvement - Disordered breathing during sleep
IX.r - Myasthenia gravis (may cause ARF)
X.g X - Systemic reactions, syndromes and conditions
X.g - Hypersensitivity reaction (may involve skin, throat and/or airways)
X.l X - Systemic reactions, syndromes and conditions
X.l - Systemic granulomatosis other than Xk
X.u X - Systemic reactions, syndromes and conditions
X.u - Multiple organ dysfunction/failure (MODS/MOF)
XV.e XV - Pulmonary pathology
XV.e - Path: ILD with a granulomatous component (see also Im)
XV.f XV - Pulmonary pathology
XV.f - Path: Diffuse alveolar damage (DAD-pattern) (see also IL)
XVI.u XVI - Imaging
XVI.u - Imaging: A miliary pattern (diffuse random micronodules)
XVII.f XVII - Infections & related conditions
XVII.f - Tuberculosis, miliary
XVII.i XVII - Infections & related conditions
XVII.i - M. bovis (BCG) infection (topical - systemic)