Veterinary: Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS)

Last update : 01/01/1970

Causative drugs



I.a I - Interstitial/parenchymal lung disease
I.a - Pneumonitis (ILD), acute and/or severe (may cause ARDS)
I.b I - Interstitial/parenchymal lung disease
I.b - Pneumonitis (ILD)
I.d I - Interstitial/parenchymal lung disease
I.d - Organizing pneumonia pattern (an area or areas of consolidation on imaging)
I.g I - Interstitial/parenchymal lung disease
I.g - Pulmonary fibrosis
I.l I - Interstitial/parenchymal lung disease
I.l - Diffuse alveolar damage (DAD) (see alsoo under IIb and XVf)
I.w I - Interstitial/parenchymal lung disease
I.w - Rapidly progressive ILD/pulmonary fibrosis (Hamman-Rich syndrome)
II.b II - Pulmonary edema - Acute lung injury - ARDS
II.b - ARDS - Acute lung injury
II.c II - Pulmonary edema - Acute lung injury - ARDS
II.c - ARDS and the hemolytic-uremic syndrome (HUS)
III.a III - Pulmonary/alveolar./airway hemorrhage/bleeding
III.a - Alveolar hemorrhage, diffuse (DAH)
IV.k IV - Airway involvement
IV.k - Bronchiectasis
V.f V - Pleural and/or pericardial involvement
V.f - Pneumothorax
X.u X - Systemic/Distant conditions, syndromes and reactions
X.u - Multiple organ dysfunction/failure (MODS/MOF)
XI.h XI - Miscellaneous
XI.h - Esophageal pathology (erosion, ulcer, tear, rupture, fistula)
XI.n XI - Miscellaneous
XI.n - Neutropenia, agranulocytosis (w/wo infection/sepsis)
XI.r XI - Miscellaneous
XI.r - Death following exposure or poisoning
XV.a XV - Pathology
XV.a - Path: NSIP-cellular pattern (see also Ia, Ib)
XV.h XV - Pathology
XV.h - Path: NSIP-fibrotic pattern
XVI.k XVI - Imaging
XVI.k - Imaging: An area or areas of consolidation
XVI.n XVI - Imaging
XVI.n - Imaging: Intralobular septal thickening - Crazy paving
XVI.q XVI - Imaging
XVI.q - Imaging: A pattern similar/consistent to/with IPF
XXIV.n XXIV - Veterinary medicine
XXIV.n - Veterinary: Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS)